Below is a list of all of my complete acts. Every one of these is ready for your stage at a moment’s notice. Contact to book today!

  1. Blue Dragon (
    1. Colors – Royal Blue, Purple, Teal
    2. Song – “Nostalgia” by Lei Qiang  Cab Calloway “Minnie the Moocher”
    3. Description –Come chase the dragon with Something Blue as you step into the haze of another era. An opium twist on a classic gown-and-glove act featuring a dragon with the body of a feather boa.
  1. Ice Under Pressure
    1. Colors – Pink, Purple, Aqua
    2. Song – Mashup of Queen/David Bowie “Under Pressure”, Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby”
    3. Description – 90’s hip hopper becomes 80’s glam rocker.
  1. Midnight Menorah (
    1. Colors – cream and gold
    2. Song – Kenny Ellis “Sevivon Sov Sov Sov”
    3. Description – A burlesque twist on a Hanukah tradition. Head and arms form a menorah with functional candle lights.
  1. Livin’ On a Prayer
    1. Colors – Black, light blue, silver
    2. Song – Bon Jovi “Livin On a Prayer”
    3. Description – A surly Jersey diner waitress dreams of leaving her life behind.
  1. L’accordioniste (
    1. Colors – Black, turquoise
    2. Song – Edith Piaf “L’accordionist”
    3. Description – A Parisian street performer plays the accordion, but realizes stripping is a better way to earn coins from passerby.
  1. Wild Irish Rose (
    1. Colors – red, green
    2. Song – “Wild Irish Rose” Traditional Irish song sung live, “Rambling Rose” Perry Como.
    3. Description – If you’ve ever raised roses you know they can be a fickle foliage. But treat them right and they’ll open their petals and be in full bloom! Large ‘kissing ball’ rose headpiece, gown and glove.
  1. Wood Nymph (
    1. Colors – Brown, Green, nature tones
    2. Song – Fleet Foxes “The Shrine – An Argument”
    3. Description – By day a tree, by night a living wood nymph. Costume made from natural materials.
  1. Persephone (
    1. Colors – light blue, gold, black, silver
    2. Song – Camille Saint-Saëns “Aquarium”, Skip Manning “Devil Blues”
    3. Description – Based on Greek myth, in the style of late 1800’s burlesque. Begins with pantomime to voice over, concludes with more traditional bump and grind. Elements of belly dance.
  1. Mrs. Robinson (
    1. Colors – Leopard print, black
    2. Song – Simon and Garfunkel “Mrs. Robinson”, Bob Dylan “Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat”
    3. Description – Based on character ‘Mrs. Robinson” from classic film ‘The Graduate’. 60’s style inspired, leopard print costume.
  1. Americano (
    1. Colors – Royal Blue, Army green
    2. Song – Renato Carosone “Tu Vuo Fa L’Americano”, Brian Setzer Orchestra “Wanna Be Americano”
    3. Description – Innocent Italian girl is corrupted by post World War II Americanization. Pinup/bomber girl style.
  1. Snowstorm (
    1. Colors – White and silver
    2. Song – “Skating” Vince Guaraldi and “Stormy Weather” by Ella Fitzgerald
    3. Description – A swirling snowstorm brings winter cheer to all. Costume features a cloud-like tutu with shimmering snowflakes hung from it like falling snow.
  1. When I Get Low I get High (
    1. Colors – Purple and royal blue
    2. Song – “When I Get Low I Get High” Ella Fitzgerald. *Can also be performed with a live band or sung to a karaoke track.
    3. Description – A more classic burlesque routine featuring a spectacular purple sequined gown, gloves and stockings.
  1. Tangerine Pete (
    1. Colors – Black and Copper
    2. Song – “Cuban Pete” Desi Arnaz OR “Tangerine” Jimmy Dorsey
    3. Description – Tropicana club inspired classic strip.
  1. Magical Macaw (
    1. Colors – Red, yellow, turquoise, green
    2. Song – “Bird of Paradise” Les Baxter Orchestra, “Samba do Perroquet” Lost Machucambos, “The Parrot (Samba)” Eddie Barclay & Les Careno Cuban Boys
    3. Description – A playful scarlet macaw starts her day. This act is tropical, summery, beachy.
  1. Banshee
    1. Colors – Grey and green
    2. Song – “The Banshee” Henry Cowell, “Death on Two Legs” Queen
    3. Description – A creepy and sexy rock and roll strip based on Irish myths about the Banshee ghost, a harbinger of death.
  2. Ball and Chain (
    1. Colors – navy, gold, red
    2. Song – “Love is Like a Ball and Chain” Janis Joplin
    3. Description – a tribute to Janis Joplin, acid rock and hippie blues.
  3. Black Lace that Wouldn’t Die (
    1. Colors – Black and red
    2. Song – “Blood and Black Lace” Mario Bava and “The Web” Abie Baker
    3. Description – Inspired by two 60’s sexploitation horror movies. This act tells the story of the film “The Brain that Wouldn’t Die” where a mad scientist seeks to attach his lover’s severed head to the body of a burlesque dancer.
  4. Smoke and Mirrors (
    1. Colors – Black and Silver
    2. Song – “Death of a Rockstar” by The Echocentrics
    3. Description – This act is inspired by the phrase “Smoke and Mirrors” and features music from an Austin band, The Echocentrics.
  5. Melancholy Serenade
    1. Colors – Black, gold and pearls
    2. Song – “Melancholy Serenade” by Jackie Gleason Orchestra
    3. Description – Strictly classic piece that can be adjusted to any length and any room. Very dramatic, noir, old hollywood.
  6. Water Witch
    1. Colors – Navy blue, mint green and eggplant.
    2. Song – “Aqueous Transmission” by Incubus
    3. Description – classic inspired piece with watery flowing costume. light and gentle.